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Welcome to Farm Chemical Suppliers online catalog. Farm Chemical Suppliers provides high quality, generic brand agricultural chemicals at great prices. With over 75 years combined experience is the agricultural chemical business, we feel qualified to find and sell the right chemicals for the right job at the most economical cost.

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Glyphos X-tra

Glyfos X-TRA brand of glyphosate is a broad-spectrum, non-selective, post-emergence herbicide for control of annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds. Foliar-applied, the product translocates throughout the plant down to the roots. Glyfos X-TRA is pre-loaded with surfactant, increasing convenience for the applicator. It is also registered for use over-the-top of Roundup Ready soybeans, corn, cotton and canola.

Glyphos X-tra

25 gallons - $14.00/gal
30 gallon - $13.00/gal

Atrazine 4L

This is a federally restricted use pesticide for season-long weed control in corn, sorghum, and certain other crops.

Atrazine 4L

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