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Arsenal AC

Active Ingredient:

Isopropylamine Salt of Imazapyr

Product Information:

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Recommended / Suggested Usage:

Foresters have come to depend on Arsenal herbicide Applicators Concentrate to control competing vegetation throughout the life cycle of the pine forest following planting.

Herbaceous weed control - In the first year following planting, broadleaf weeds, grasses and vines can slow the growth of pines. To boost seedling survival and growth rates, use Arsenal to control the herbaceous weeds that compete for moisture, sun, soil and rooting space.

Conifer release - In pine stands 5 to 7 years old, hardwood brush can be a serious threat to the survival and growth of your crop trees. A conifer release treatment with Arsenal can help you boost the total merchantable volume in your stand.

Mid-rotation release - Removing hardwood brush halfway through the rotation of your pine stand will produce a return on investment estimated at more than 11%. And with hardwood brush out of the way, sunlight reaches the forest floor and promotes the growth of plants favored by wildlife like deer and turkey.

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