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Diquat E-Pro 2L

Active Ingredient:

Diquat Dibromide

Product Information:

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Recommended / Suggested Usage:

Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide controls the listed floating and marginal weeds from application by
airboat, airplane, backpack, spray handgun, helicopter, or similar application equipment. For
all application methods, ensure that weeds received thorough spray coverage.
Floating and Marginal Weeds Controlled
Water lettuce, Pistia stratiotes
Water hyacinth, Eichhornia crassipes
Duckweed, Lemna spp.
Salvinia spp. (including S. molesta)
Pennywort (Hydrocotyle spp.)
Frog's bit, Limnobium spongia
Cattails, Typha spp.
Not registered for use in California
Spot Treatment:
Application Rates: 2 quarts Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide per 100 gallons spray carrier
(0.5% solution) plus
0.25 - 1.0% v/v (1 quart to 1 gallon per 100 gallons water) of an approved aquatic wetting
For cattail control: Apply Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide before flowering at 8 quarts
of Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide/A/100 gallons spray carrier (the maximum application
rate) plus the wetting agent. Make repeat applications if needed for complete
Application Directions: Apply spray solutions to wet completely the target weeds. Do
not spray to runoff. Additional applications may be needed if treating densely-packed
weeds or mats. Best results are obtained for weed escapes if repeat applications are
made within 2 weeks of the first treatment.
Broadcast Treatment:
Application Rates: 0.5 to 2.0 gallons Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide per surface acre in
sufficient spray carrier plus 16 to 32 oz. per acre of an approved aquatic wetting agent.
For duckweed control: Apply Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide at 1 - 2 gallons/A.
Application Directions: Apply sprays to ensure thorough target weed coverage.
Repeat applications may be necessary for densely populated weed areas.
Control of Submerged Weeds
Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide controls the listed submerged weeds from application by surface,
subsurface, and bottom placement applications. Enhanced weed control may be obtained in
situations where severe weed or algae infestations are found: use an approved algaecide
either as a pretreatment to an Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide application, or as a tank mix with
Diquat E-Pro 2 L Herbicide.

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